BaK (Back at Keyboard)

So, I encountered a few technical roadblocks that included, among other things, a broken laptop screen and a slowly failing, barely limping (not to mention cheap-to-make and cheap-to-buy) mobile computer, aka cell phone, aka chromed robot turd (scroll down a ways…or read all the entries…either way the Feens are different and not for the faint-at-heart).

I now have a monitor connected to the laptop and, thanks to my wife upgrading, a new fancier (much more expensive) chromed robot turd, aka iPhone 6s. 

It’s really not too bad typing on an iPhone. And I can’t wait to share pics of the cooking I so love doing. I resisted switching to an iPhone; I really don’t like being told what I can do and how I must do with things I own. If I want to load it down with apps from “unknown sources” (I always know the source of apps I install) or with “pirated” music (my favorite music is not for sale from iTunes or Google, so I usually get it through torrents or from places like Internet Archive) I want to be able to do it. But, damn, this is a amazing tool. Yeah, it has a lot of limitations. And it won’t fully replace my cheap phone. But I think I might like it.


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