Food for Thought

I’ve been promising food stuff for a long time. And here it is.

These are our vegetable farmers, Will and Amanda Reed. They own and operate a small bit of land they call Native Son Farm. In 2010 they broke ground on a three-quarter acre plot. In 2015 they planted twenty acres and provided a full season’s worth of fresh, naturally grown vegetables to two hundred North Mississippi families.


Nearly all of our meat and dairy comes from Beaverdam Fresh Farms. Ali and Dustin are a ridiculously hard working couple who raise pastured pigs and chickens. They share pasture space with a grass-fed cattle rancher. On top of this, they have organized a buying club that makes and provides naturally raised and produced vegetables, condiments, dairy products and more. Every week they travel to host homes around northern Mississippi, providing clean nutrition to anyone willing to participate.

Homestead Education Center

TT (a nickname for my wife) and I learned of all these amazing people through The Homestead Education Center in Starkville, Mississippi. Alison Buehler and her husband started with a home that was much too big for their family. They turned this home into a retreat location where individuals and families can go to learn how to live a more natural, connected life in this artificial and fractured world we live in.  They focus on health of the body, the mind, society and the planet. (You can’t change the world without first changing yourself.)

Nourish Weekend

TT and I first attended an event called Nourish: Reclaiming Real Food with this awesome group of people. We were introduced to a whole new perspective on food, health and society. It quite literally changed our lives. We learned how and why to make yogurt. We learned about bone broth and the benefits of it. We began to understand the pressures that lead to the poor overall health of American people and of our society. Most importantly we connected with a network of people who care, who are seeking and creating solutions for individuals and society as a whole. Real, voluntary solutions.

If you live in Northern Mississippi, check these places out. Alison is even giving away one of her e-books; just follow the link above.

Peace to all y’all.


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