Heaven and Hell

heaven and hell Image credit: http://hellaheaven-ana.blogspot.com/2013/03/belief-in-heaven-and-hell-why-hella.html

One of the things taught by Buddhism (or, at least, thought by most Buddhists I’ve talked to) is that Samsara is Nirvana. Something along the lines of Hell is Heaven. What they usually mean is that this life is Samsara (struggling) and that Nirvana (a state of being perfectly unbound) is found in/through Samsara. This life is both Hell and Heaven; Hell is a necessary part of Heaven.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot, lately. Lots of Samsara-type things happening around me. I guess there always are. But, regardless of how much Samsara I see, I can’t help but notice that I am constantly surrounded by Nirvana. I see the beauty of Creation. I see the beauty of Love, which most often expresses itself in Freedom. I see people living in Community, giving to each other, trading with each other freely, caring for each other. The one is balanced by the other.

I think it is this idea of Samara being Nirvana that ultimately led me to my current beliefs on Heaven and Hell. I have come to the opinion (I have chosen to believe) that when we die (and, we all will, as best I can tell) we all end up in the same place and state. Power disparity will not exist. No person will be able to physically harm another. All lies will be transparent. For the peaceful person who softens his heart to God, who loves his neighbor, to live forever in such a world would be eternal bliss, Heaven. For the person who hardens his heart to God, who would seek to control his neighbor, to live in forever such a world, a world where coercion, intimidation and fraud are impossible, would be eternal torment, Hell.

Think about it.


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